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Magento2 module development is hard

Magento2 module development is hard

I am new to Magento 2. I am trying to develop a custom module. I am learning of how doing that. I need to write a lot of changes and test them. Do you know how to that in a quick way?

Every time when I change the name of method or whatever, I need to recompile the whole project, what takes quite long time. Is it inevitable? If so, it is hard experience...


Re: Magento2 module development is hard

Hello Tommytwao,


Magento 2 based on the OOPs concept. It has classes and their constructor to initialize its member variable and function. So every time you changes on class constructor you need to recompile. Because Magento 2 generate code after every compilation and store them in generation directory. So for every single change on your custom class constructor, you need to recompile. 

Yes, it seems little hard experience for development but better for the production site.