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Need expert opinion: Dynamically create +1M e-com?


Need expert opinion: Dynamically create +1M e-com?

Good day, thank you for giving the time to share your expert opinion. We are a company specialized in Cloud POS for stores.


I bit like (Squarespace, Wix) where they can generate e-com and websites on the fly; our goal is to implement an e-com solution dynamically at the moment of the creation of our POS account. 


My approach to this problem would be to create a "load balanced" single Magento installation on Amazon Lightsail. Create for every of our tenant dynamically by the Magento API:

  • 1 Website
  • 1 Store
  • 1 Store View for every of our tenant languages
  • 1 admin user with role access to manage ONLY these scopes


My question is quite straight forward:

  1. Is this "Single installation + multi-store" solution feasible?
  2. What is the maximum theoretical limit of stores that can be added to a single installation?
  3. For every Lightsail instance, it's my understanding that Apache or Nginx manages the virtual host to load all SSL certificates. Are there limitations to these web-servers that will block our goal?
  4. And finally, are there unforeseen complications to this solution? I heard that pass a certain amount of stores: "re-indexing" can take forever

    Thank you for your time friends