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Odd Issue with Configurable Product Creation

Odd Issue with Configurable Product Creation

Hi. I'm experiencing a weird issue when attempting to add configurations to a product. I'm attempting to create configurations based on seat-size. The options in this attribute are:

  • 23-inch Standard
  • 22-inch Recline
  • 24-inch Recline

For some reason, if I create all 3 configurations, the master product only shows the 23-inch Standard option on the FE. If I remove one of the Recline configs I get the same result. But if I remove the Standard config, BOTH Recline options show as options.


It seems that there is some incompatibility with the Standard and Recline options, and Magento will only show one or the other. I've never experienced this behavior before, so I'm hoping that maybe somebody on the forum has an idea of what is causing this.


I thought that perhaps if I tried combining this attribute with a second attribute it might start to work. Unfortunately, it is displaying basically the same behavior, but with a color attribute also in the mix, Magento won't even display the 2nd (color) option if both the Standard and Recline configs are present. It just show the Standard seat size (not either of the Recline seats as before), but the color option is disabled. When I remove the Recline configs both of the Standard color options display as expected, and if I remove the Standard config, all 4 of the Recline seat size/color options display as expected.


We are currently using on-prem v2.3.5p1. Please let me know if you have any ideas or would like any additional info. Thanks!


Re: Odd Issue with Configurable Product Creation

Bump.  Anyone?  We're baffled and need to get some of these configurable products up, but we're unable to. Any ideas would be appreciated.