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Order of attibute's values randomly change

Order of attibute's values randomly change



In my Magento 2.1.7 environment I have an attribute "Diameter" which I frequently add values to. Every time I add a value, I drag it into the correct position so the value go from small to big.


I just noticed that from 1-100 there is no problem, but after that the numbers are in a seemingly random order, such as 102 - 437 - 95 - 136 etc. Just yesterday this was not the case. I haven't changed any settings, all I did was add some values and drag them to the correct position.


When I try to rearrange the values, they go even more random. It is really weird and I am now afraid to make any changes. Could somebody help me out?









EDIT: I just found out that I also cannot add any values anymore. It lets me add them, but after saving they disappear again.