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PayPal IPN Magento 2.0.15 Update

PayPal IPN Magento 2.0.15 Update

Hi there


Can I please verify the changes to Magento 2.0.15 for PayPay IPN?


Not wanting upgrade at this stage due to our dev site not being set up.


If quick code changes can occur then happy to manually adjust our current production enviro.


Is it the getPayPalIpnUrl call that is the only adjustment?


Any others?


Thanks for any insight.


Re: PayPal IPN Magento 2.0.15 Update

I am in the same boat.  My dev site is on 2.1.7, but it's not ready and won't be before June 30th.  I don't want to start making major changes to live (2.0.6).  Is there a quick-fix just for the Paypal portion that would be OK for a month or two?