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Price changes to 0 after page load

Price changes to 0 after page load

Hi there,


I have installed the Magento 2.4.5-p1 community edition and added 2 sample products. The prices are displayed correctly in category view. When the product view page loads, you see the correct price for a short moment and then it changes to 0 when the page is loaded. You can order the product and the price is calculated in both the cart widget and shopping cart. But in the order summary and checkout all prices are 0, including the shipping costs, which are already configurated in backend.


I use the euro currency and my locale is set to Dutch. I did find some earlier threads about this topic, but most of those are from years ago. I find it strange to have this problem with the latest Magento version and therefore don't know if there is a proper solution for it.


Hope to find an answer here.


Thanks and best regards!