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Problem Importing Product File

Problem Importing Product File

Hi, I'm new to Magento,



I'm trying to import a Product CSV file and I get this error:


"Source file coping failed"


"Empty Column Names"


I've imported that same document before and deleted it.

I can't seem to find what the error means


Thanks in advance for your help


Re: Problem Importing Product File



Please make sure there is not empty coulmn which is required to put values. And make sure there is no special char which not support by this file.


Apart from that you can firs download sample file and use the same file to import products just change value of your product and import it.



Manish Mittal

Re: Problem Importing Product File

Hi @Manish Mittal ,


Thanks for your answer, there are no special values nor empty columns, I've imported that same file into Magento but then deleted all the products from that file and when I tried to import it again it says:


"Source file coping failed"


Even tried to upload Magento's Product sample file and I get the same error. There's not even an import record on file after it failed to upload.