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Redirection issues

Redirection issues

I am trying to set up a staging site to test upgrade my Magento 1.7.0 site to 1.9.2. The end result is that the new site keeps redirecting to the old site, and I cannot determine the cause. Here is what I did.


  1. turned off caching and flushed the cache on my production site.
  2. backed up the database using mysqldump
  3. created a new database and loaded it from the dump using mysql
  4. created a new directory "magento-1.7.0" next to my production directory "magento"
  5. copied the production site to the staging site using cp magento/ magento-1.7.0/
  6. change the unsecure and secure base url's in my new database to match the testing url
  7. totally forgot to change the database pointers in local.xml and fired up the test site. (it redirected to the production site)
  8. went and changed the database pointers in local.xml, deleted var/cache in both magento/app and magento-1.7.0/app

Still redirects.


I checked the /tmp directory on the server, there is no magento directory there

I have cleared caches, waited a couple hours to potentially let caches expire, and cleared my browser cache


Still redirects. I use Firefox, and watched the Network stream. The request is for, and the location on the response header comes back as What am I missing.