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Shipping methods configuration problem

Shipping methods configuration problem

In magento 2.1.3 i setup my shipping methods, i have 4 sites, when i enable for example flat rate on default settings, and in a site disable it, the site configuration is getting ignored.


Same happends with price value and other settings that are on the website context.


THE CONFIGURATION SAVES CORRECTLY BUT ON CHECKOUT is reading only the default settings and store settings, the site settings are omited.




Re: Shipping methods configuration problem

Hi @Yeison1990,

Can you share the code that you are using to get the system configuration value?



Best regards.

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Re: Shipping methods configuration problem

I'm using magento 2.1.3 default code, but we migrate from to 2.1.2,
then upgrade to 2.1.3, but with the code of magento 2.1.2 it works.

I also can save custom attributes from categories, it load setted values
but, doesn't save