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Shipping problem

Shipping problem

Hi there , i'm about to finish setting up a online retail store using magento and i am going to get items from a dropshipper and ship the items over to my customers.


The problem i am facing is... for each/single product from my dropshipper's website, they have different prices for shipping to each country for the same product. If i'm going to check one by one and add that prices into my site it's going to take me a very long time to just post one product. So is there any faster way to do this?




item 1(shipping prices)

usa: $5.50

japan: $4.50

india: $6.50

singapore: $8.80

russia: $5.58

london: $7.89

china: $7.75

africa: $18.50

New zealand: $11.50

korea: $3.50 and the list goes on.. so i hope you get what i mean. How do i copy this data from my dropshipper's website to my magento site the fastest way? Or i have no other option but to add them manually?