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Static Block Images not displayed

Static Block Images not displayed


Ive tried adding some Images in to a custom static block in backend.

Everytime I add the images they are displayed correctly, but after some time they are removed again.

The block content itself seems to not render correct, the facebook logo is displayed but not the others:


<ul class="nav-list">
<li class="nav-list-item">
  <img title="Facebook" src="" alt="Facebook" width="29" height="29" /></li>
<li class="nav-list-item">
  <img title="Twitter" src="" alt="Twitter" width="29" height="29" /></li>
<li class="nav-list-item trusted-shop">
  <img title="Trusted Shops" src="" alt="Trusted Shops" width="65" height="66" />

Somehow the urls for trusted shops and twitter icons are not converted.



Re: Static Block Images not displayed



It is magento 2 bug


if it will help you then mark as solution

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Sunil Patel
Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer & Frontend Developer