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Upgrade old 1.7 to latest version possible?

Upgrade old 1.7 to latest version possible?

Hi - new here and new to Magento (12 years working with wordpress).


I've inherited a can of worms - a local business has had a magento store for many years, but they have recently had to change their hosting. So they have given me a complete copy of their site files and their massive (3GB!!) sql database - Yay.

Running tests on our own hosting we are immediately hitting issues. For example we run PHP 7.4 but this old magento build (1.7??) requires PHP 5.6 . and deprecated modules like mcrypt etc etc.


We finally did manage to get the site to load, but then the admin login or password recovery doesn't work so we can't login!

Anyway - any advice, hints or tips on how to get this thing fit for the 2020's would be appreciated Smiley Happy




Re: Upgrade old 1.7 to latest version possible?

Hello @junkspeedye908 

You can create a new admin user

Download the php file,

Edit it according to your requirements.

Upload it on your server using FTP or file manager in the Magento root

Run the file from browser.

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Re: Upgrade old 1.7 to latest version possible?

Hi @junkspeedye908,


Please take care about files you download from non-official sources.

Is not the best practice but if you choose to follow that kind of recommendations please check every line of code before uploading that kind of files to your server.


@Gaurav_Jain02, in my opinion that practice should be avoided. I know your post is showing the code but the "Download this file and upload and run into your server" isn't a good idea. We could try to avoid that practice.

Also, take a moment to review our Guidelines for Using the Magento Forums. We could use official documentation for this topic: