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Using Magento 2.2.7, do I need ece-tools?

Using Magento 2.2.7, do I need ece-tools?

I'm currently running a version of Magento 2 (2.2.7) on a hosted server and I've been having trouble with Database connection and Cron Jobs.

The server team have mentioned that I do not seem to have ece-tools installed. I've been reading the developer docs here:

And they keep mentioning Magento Commerce Cloud, but my Magento version says "Magento/2.2 (Community)" and looking through my composer.lock and composer.json files I cannot find the following deprecated packages they mention:

  • magento/magento-cloud-configuration
  • magento/ece-patches

For this reason I'm not sure if my particular version of Magento 2 actually requires the ece-tools. I'd like to know for sure before I start modifying the composer.lock and composer.json files as I don't want to mess anything up.

If someone could let me know in laymans terms what ece-tools are and if I actually need them for my site I would greatly appreciate it.



Re: Using Magento 2.2.7, do I need ece-tools?



ece-tool is required for Magento commerce cloud. If you are using Magento Opensource and not hosting with Magento then you do not need ece-tool. You can read about the ece-tool on the below link to know more about it.


Who is your hosting provider and where are you hosted?


Problem solved? Please give 'Kudos' and accept 'Answer as Solution'.

- Tarandeep
Problem solved?Please give 'Kudos' and accept 'Answer as Solution'.