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Video Disallowed file type

Video Disallowed file type

Hi Magento Forums,

I upgraded to 2.4.3-p2 recently for my live site and 2.4.4 for my demo site.

On both sites I now cannot add YouTube videos to products. I was previously able to do this without any issues. Vimeo works fine.

When I add a YouTube url it gathers the video information but when I click "Save" the error "Disallowed file type." appears below the url.

Images work fine, just not videos.

I can't find any other users with this issue? Any ideas?

Thank you.




Re: Video Disallowed file type


Please confirm, have you added the API key?

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Re: Video Disallowed file type

Yes, the API key is added correctly. It previously worked until upgrade to 2.4.3-p2.

Re: Video Disallowed file type

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Re: Video Disallowed file type

I am facing the same issue for my site Pintloader Pinterest Video Downloader.