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Wrong image cache in frontend

Wrong image cache in frontend

Magento Version : 2.4.2-p1

Server : Nginx




I'm having some troubles with the product image caches on my shop.

My backoffice is on one server with a specific URL and my frontoffice is in on another server with its URL.


For both, I'm sharing a mounted folder for medias and I didn't have any issue since this week. Now, for no known reason, the frontend is not using the good cache folder in order to load the product images.


  • In FO : media/catalog/product/cache/8c584b496a6ba3b56e5a2a84e5c8da1d/i/m/image.jpg
  • In BO : media/catalog/product/cache/74c12cdd98e3d30b6e717063cf2acbbb/i/m/image.jpg

The good hash is the BO's one.


When I use the following command, all is working well

php bin/magento catalog:image:resize

But this is not the good solution because every time I change or add a new image I'm having a bad routing.


Did someone have the same issue and is able to help me ?


Thank you in advance.




Re: Wrong image cache in frontend



I have not yet managed to solve this problem.

Someone can helps ?


Thanks in advance !

Re: Wrong image cache in frontend

I solved it with update the admin settings as bellow


Admin panel > Stores > Settings > Configuration > GENERAL > Web > Url Options > Catalog media URL format