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Wrong images in category pages

Wrong images in category pages



I'm just in the process of adding some products to a Magento 2.4.6-p1 store and I have noticed that the product images are wrong in one of the websites (2 website with different url's running from same backend).


The issue seems to be happening when I save and duplicate a product, change all the details including image that need to be changed and then save again. The image is correct on one website that uses the default view but not on the other. This can be seen on these links to the websites

Correct images

Incorrect images

All images apart from the 'Salming Challenge Slick String 10m set' are wrong, when you click onto the product page the correct image is displayed.


In the product admin page when I change the scope to Sun Strike view from All Store Views and look at the image it is correct. However when I click on the image no Roles are selected which I'm guessing is the issue. 


Is there a way of duplicating a product and not having this issue of the Roles not being selected for certain store views? 


Also is there an easy way of changing all the products that have this issue without going into each one and selecting the roles?


Any advise would be much appreciated.







Re: Wrong images in category pages

Did you find a solution for this issue? I guess it is related to this but it moved to low priority backlog.