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Orders page issue

Orders page issue

Hi guys,


First time contacting the forum, I'm from an external IT department and never used the application before. I have a user that cannot load the 'orders' page within the app. See the error below:


ErrorErrorI've tried speaking to Adobe support but they pointed me here. Any advise would be appreciated.





Re: Orders page issue

Hello @supportbond4d0 


Not able to see the screenshot till moderator approves it. 
Can you please paste some of the error text in the reply so i can check and try to help you ?

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Re: Orders page issue

Hi @supportbond4d0 


Did you check Magento system.log and exception.log logs for any error messages?
If you find some error messages post in your question for better response from community.


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Re: Orders page issue

Hello @supportbond4d0 ,


It looks like there is an issue with data, any column in any row has invalid or NULL data, hence it is breaking.

If possible, try sorting the columns one by one if able to perform that and once the grid loads correctly then you can check for data for specific column.


If not, then check into database if any column has null value from these columns.


Hope it helps!

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Re: Orders page issue

I understand the challenges you're facing with the 'orders' page not loading in the application. To provide more targeted advice, it would be helpful to know additional details about the error message you've encountered. Check for any specific error codes or messages in the application logs that might offer insights into the issue. Additionally, consider verifying the user's permissions to access the 'orders' page and ensuring that there are no network or connectivity issues impacting the application's functionality. If you can share more details or specific error messages, the community here can offer more precise assistance. Feel free to provide any additional information, and we'll do our best to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Best regards.