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date issues in magento 2.3.3

date issues in magento 2.3.3


I'm testing with magento 2.3.3 with locale set to nl_NL we use as date dd/mm/yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy The product fields like date from till and in advanced prices special date from special date to are completly messup and can't be used. 


If im trying to import a file with products with special price date 01-04-2019 till 31-12-2019 the date field in admin at product show 20-01-2003 / 20-07-2011

If i export the product in the file it shows 31-03-19 / 30-12-19

If i google on problem magento 2 locale date i can find a lot off issues back to 2016 and also some option at github untill a few days ago but all without a working solution. 

Without working with a correct dates in magento 2 magento 2 is useless. 


Re: date issues in magento 2.3.3

I also have this issue, did you find any solution?