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issue editing exisit

issue editing exisit


Am have issues creating new product or editing existing product and this error comes up The stock item was unable to be saved. Please try again. what can i do 



Re: issue editing exisit

Hello @towafohtunfa75 


The error message "The stock item was unable to be saved" in Magento 2 typically occurs when there is an issue with saving the stock item data for a product. This error can have various causes, and here are some possible solutions:


  • Check stock item data: Ensure that all required fields for the stock item are filled correctly, such as the quantity, stock status, and website assignment. Pay attention to any custom attributes or extensions that might affect the stock item data.
  • Check stock settings: Verify that your stock settings are properly configured. Go to Stores > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory and review the settings related to stock management, including stock options, multi-source inventory (MSI) if enabled, and website/store views associations.
  • Check extensions and customizations: If you have installed any third-party extensions or made customizations related to inventory management, review them for any potential conflicts or errors. Disable or temporarily remove extensions to see if they are causing the issue.
  • Clear cache and reindex: Clear the cache and reindex your Magento installation. Sometimes, stale cache or incomplete indexing can lead to issues with saving stock data. After clearing the cache and reindexing, try saving the product again.
  • Check database integrity: Inspect the relevant database tables (cataloginventory_stock_item and cataloginventory_stock_status) to ensure data integrity. Look for any inconsistencies or errors in the stock item records.
  • Check error logs: Enable the developer mode in Magento and check the system logs for any related error messages or exceptions. This can provide more specific information about the issue and help identify the root cause.


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