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multi language store - switch between languages

multi language store - switch between languages



We have a multilingual store in Dutch and English.

Based on IP, it will send you to the right version.


However, switching between languages is not working correctly in my opinion.
In the backend of Magento 2, switching between storeviews is a peace of cake, and I would expect it would work the same on the frontend.

However, it is not working.




This is our Dutch productpage of product M2.TFI105

If I use the language switcher in the header, it sends me to a 404 page, this url:


Which is 'correct', as that URL doesn't exist.


However, shouldn't it send me to the English version of that product page? Which is:


Thank you for your help!


Re: multi language store - switch between languages

Yes, it should send you to that page if all the settings are set correctly. My guess is this could happen because of the absence of the alternate tags on those 2 pages. 

You can try Magento 2 Hreflang Extension to set the alternate tags directly from the admin and connect those 2 pages or any other pages with different language variants.


It good for SEO since you help Google know what store view to direct your customers to and avoid content duplication issues. So, I'd give it a try.

Re: multi language store - switch between languages

Hi, I am not sure what is the specific issue with your current auto language switch.


You may use Geo Targetly. It detects your visitors' locations by IP. With its Geo Redirect tool, without coding, you can simply create rules for different markets, each associates with individual URLs showing correct languages. It supports Magento, and requires only one time integration.