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one page checkout in 2.2.6

one page checkout in 2.2.6

Checkout (magento 2.2.6 /luma) does not work on a tablet or a mobile- it gets stuck bofore filling is the shipping items. Sometimes after 2-4 times refresh the checkout proces will continue. Anyone familiar with this isseu?




Re: one page checkout in 2.2.6

Hello @jardapro 


Is there any third-party module related to checkout you have bundled with the native magento 2.2.6 ? or its vanila version ?


Because i have test in Venila fresh magento 2.2.6 version checkout on mobile and its working fine at my end !


Also can you please check after cleaning and flushing the cache !


Also try in incognito (private) window of the browser on mobile and let me know if its work for you or not !


Hope it helps  

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Re: one page checkout in 2.2.6

Hi Dave,

No third party modules installed for check out, we did a upgrade from to magento 2.2.6

(you can try out The are no issues logged in exception log, sys.log whatsoever. Could not find any remarks on the internet. Only solution/remark is commercial from :

I did install a fresh version of Mag 2.2.6 on a different domain and have the same issue (