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Error upgrading from 2.4.5-p1 to 2.4.6

Error upgrading from 2.4.5-p1 to 2.4.6

Trying to upgrade to the latest version of magento but when I run composer update I get an error saying that

magento framework 103.0.0 requires php 7.3 or 7.4 and

magento payment services 1.5.0 requires magento module service proxy 1.5.*

magento payment services 1.6.0 requires magento module service proxy 1.6.*

magento module service proxy 1.5.0 requires magento framework >=103.0.0

magento module service proxy 1.6.1 requires magento framework >=103.0.0

You can only install one version of the package magento framework 100.0.2 through to 103.0.6

Root composer.json requires magento product community edition 2.4.6

Root composer.json requires magento payment services ^1.5


Payment services is already on v1.6.1 & php set to 8.1.17


I would really love to post the actual error & the contents of the composer.json but then I get told that access is denied to my post and to login which I already am.


Any ideas please?


Re: Error upgrading from 2.4.5-p1 to 2.4.6

Hello @infoposter8bf1


Please follow the steps below to upgrade your Magento version:

Install php 8.2 version

php bin/magento maintenance:enable

cp composer.json composer.json.bak

composer remove magento/product-community-edition --no-update

composer require magento/composer-root-update-plugin ~2.0 --no-update

composer require magento/product-community-edition=2.4.6-p3 --no-update

composer update  OR  composer update --ignore-platform-reqs

rm -rf var/log/*

rm -rf var/tmp/*

rm -rf var/report/*

rm -rf var/cache/*

rm -rf var/page_cache/*

rm -rf var/view_preprocessed/*

rm -rf generated/code/*

rm -rf generated/metadata/*

php bin/magento maintenance:disable

Hope it helps !


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