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How are you dealing with PCI DSS compliance?


How are you dealing with PCI DSS compliance?

Recently my payment processor has contacted my store to ask that it become PCI DSS compliant.

I don’t store credit cards but I do process them in my magento 2 website, i.e. I do not re-direct customers off to a third-party page at the checkout page.

I contacted the Indian company that developed the credit card processing extension that works with my credit processor. Not surprisingly they don’t have a good answer for me about PCI compliance of their extension.

I’ve taken a look at the PCI compliance document and feel a little daunted by the 80 pages of detailed questions and tests.

I’m going to hand this to my lead developer to sort out but I’m a little afraid of the number of dev hours this is going to cost me.

Has anybody else successfully met PCI standards?


Re: How are you dealing with PCI DSS compliance?

Hello @ronwesley_ronwe ,

Make sure Indian Credit card details are not stored in your website. If its first stored on your server and then its post data to payment gateway then any one can hack that details.


Which SAQ level is suitable for your payment gateway?


SAQ level decided by your payment gateway and on that basis you will get PCI Compliance Validation.

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