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Next step for M2 dev?


Next step for M2 dev?

I need some advice.

I can set up the server and install/ configure all the settings for M2.

Install, setup and configure the M2 platform, install extensions, themes, update them using CLi.

end configure all the settings in the admin side (taxes, products, etc) do front end editing and modify extensions until a certain point.

In other words, I can setup a magento 2 store completely from "scratch" and get it up and running by myself.

I have successfully made some real projects for clients.

However, I can't create extensions from scratch, idk knockout js, create APIs or some other deep things Magento has.


What you guys that are more experts think I should focus to become better so I can land a permanent job role?


Re: Next step for M2 dev?

Hello @jaxsonconnor_ja 

It's good as you are completing basic frontend and admin functionalities.

I think you will need to focus on the core concepts of Magento 2. You can increase your knowledge by reading Magento 2 dev docs, blogs, community forums.


If you stuck at any point then you can ask questions to community forums and Magento StackOverflow channel.

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