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Is each new version of Magento just opening a different can of worms...

Is each new version of Magento just opening a different can of worms...

Hi community wizards,

I am at my whits end and feeling a little deflated.  We run a B2C Magento store on a dedicated server and have done now for around 6 years migrating from M1 to M2 in June 2018 (the M1 to M2 migration was enough to send me grey!).


To say I am disappointed is an understatement.  M1 was ok, we had a few issues every now and then; after a hack attempt due to security vulnerabilities in M1, we made the jump to M2 in June 2018 but we are finding M2 incredibly buggy.


From launch date, we have had a considerable number of issues and when searching the community forums, we are not alone.  These have ranged from small annoyances to catastrophic events:


-poor checkout functionality (with numerous processors) with no apparent log file errors.  Poor customer experience with checkout process and thus a poor conversion rate with inconsistencies between browsers/days/times/payment gateways - this has now presented itself as another bug in version 2.2.6 which needs resolving and has you wizards working on it.  We are spending more time dealing with customers who are annoyed they cannot put thir order through quickly online than we are growing the business! 


-parital deletion of product database (when you have 37k products monitoring this was hellish and we lost around half the database over around 1.5 months - thank god for backups) – after finding no threads here, we paid devs to look into it to no avail, they said it must have been user error which we were not having.  We posted on here after over a month of pulling our hair out…turned out to be a bug and we were not alone.  That was a nice dev bill to swallow and around two weeks of work.


-incorrect date formatting using the en_gb locale resulting in inability to run promotions / special pricing rules, gift card functionality etc.  Resulting in wasted marketing opportunities.


-general bugginess when migrating through admin and frontend such as select all, trying to revisit the basket after a failed transaction, applying filters…


I don't want to go on because reading thread, it appears a common occurrence.


I am concerned that Magento 2 releases for community are not being thoroughly tested and Adobe are using this to try and get us onto enterprise?  What are the costings for enterprise as the website seems more like a tool to gather information rather than provide it?  Is enterprise a more stable version?


Our developers have suggested we look at Shopify as an alternative as they feel community edition are deliberately buggy to increase the funnel through to enterprise.  I am currently in a bit of a rut and either need a magento ninja wizard to give the site a once over with a magic wand (if you know one or are one, please get in touch) or I need to seriously consider whether we cut our losses and migrate.  We have two new sites to build and we would like some honest feedback from you knowledgeable bunch. 




Re: Is each new version of Magento just opening a different can of worms...

I am pretty surprised that you didn’t get a single response to this. I am a store owner myself and I have to echo what you have said, there have been some really irritating bugs in the CE edition like for example confirmation emails going out with no FROM address, and like you we had issues with date formats trying to post special offers etc on en_gb, then we couldn’t cancel orders when customer used coupon.


Right now as it stands we are also looking at Shopify at this time.



Re: Is each new version of Magento just opening a different can of worms...



I agree.

In my previous company, some of my clients encountered these issues as well.

Some of them moved to other platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and ewiz commerce.


Here are some posts which I have found during my research. You might want to check them out.

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Re: Is each new version of Magento just opening a different can of worms...

It's either you stay on current version where you find stability in all corners or wait until a big update. That should be a wiser move, not that you choose to update regularly without consultation or community reviews.

Re: Is each new version of Magento just opening a different can of worms...

But if you do not update, then your system does not have the latest patches and you are vulnerable to attacks. Like our mobile phone software. Isn't that how all SaaS products also operate? Magento should test it and then release it to the users. Or else, they will move to other platforms.

I know so many users who have migrated to Shopify or ewiz commerce or BigCommerce because they did not get a clear response from Magento about upgrade costs.