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Magento updates issues lossing customized work


Magento updates issues lossing customized work


I'm facing an issue, I bought a few extensions for my magento website to a company. With the new magento update they said they have to update also the extensions to the new versions but it means that all the done customization will be lost.
1. Does it mean that for every magento update, all the modules will need to be updated? If yes, does it mean that all customizations will be lost each time?
2. Would it be possible to have the website as out sourced with what is existing today (with all features...)? meaning that it won't be an issue with all the updates everytime, does even magento offers this?


Re: Magento updates issues lossing customized work



We don't lose our custom work in Magento during Magento latest version that's why we have to follow Magento standards when doing customizations. We can not directly changed in core modules of Magento or extensions to prevent customisations.


You have to override files and modules which you want to modify instead directly changing. 


You can follow official documents:

Manish Mittal

Re: Magento updates issues lossing customized work



1. I need to mention, Never touch any core files.


2 Magento Settings are not changing after Update, only new features are set default you need to check.


3. For the Theme you need to create a child theme and make customization there.


4. Do you have Changed extensions from the original for your need? Ask your extension vendor or provider to update the extension.

If the Extensions are basic and not Changed for your needs no changes will be lost. Also settings of the extensions will be the same but new features are set default.


5 I do not know if you have one but if not Create a testing environment with a copy of your live website to test all the changes you want to make. This can be at your hosting or local on your pc with for example Wamp or xampp.


I Hope it helps you.