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Possible to upgrade Magento to 2.2.6?

Possible to upgrade Magento to 2.2.6?

I am current running a legacy Magento server.   I would like to move to Magento 2.2.6 but I haven't seen any clear documentation on whether or not this is a possible upgrade path.


If not, is there a way to take a clean 2.2.6 server, installed on another server, and then migrate just the data from my older instance and customized images, into the 2.2.6 server?


Re: Possible to upgrade Magento to 2.2.6?

Hi, @weaseleyroceff 
Yes you are right you just need to install a fresh version of 2.2.6 and after that install the data migration tool from the magento by the following link.
This will install a fresh version of the data migration module now you have to configure the config.xml file

<database host="" name="magento1" user="root"/>
<database host="" name="magento2" user="root"/>
<crypt_key />

Optional parameters:

Database user password: password=<password>
Database custom port: port=<port>
Table prefix: <source_prefix>, <dest_prefix>

Then after properly configuring run the desired command to migrate the data

bin/magento migrate:<mode> [-r|--reset] [-a|--auto] {<path to config.xml>}

<mode> may be: settings, data, or delta

hope this will help