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Version numbering confusion

Version numbering confusion

I'm very confused on Magento's versioning, there are ones like 2.3.5-pX and 2.3.6, then the new 2.4.X series. What is the deal? I'm currently on 2.3.5-p1, is 2.3.5-p2 just security patches and 2.3.6 is features updates as well? How long is the 2.3.5-pX series going to be maintained for because I need to upgrade to 2.4? or even 2.3.6+? I've been searching for this information, but it seems ever since Adobe acquired Magento, the useful documentation has gone away.


Re: Version numbering confusion

Hey @dustin_metcalf 

We are all here to provide the required information to you.

2.3.5- PX is for only the patched version.

2.3.6 and future 2.3.x will be the only bug solving and security update.

2.4.1 and future include above all plus new features.


You should keep your eye on release notes for a better understanding



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