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2020 Community Year in Review: Top GitHub Contributors, Maintainers, Partners, and Insiders

Adobe Team

The year 2020 was a very unusual and challenging year for all of us. Thiyear undoubtedly changed community life anforced us to cope and adjust. 


The Magento Community did a fantastic job in such difficult circumstancesMeetups, conferences, and contribution days have been held online making them even more accessible for everyone around the globe. Remote collaboration has never been so active!


During this year more than 6,500 contributors engaged in Magento projects development and more than 4,800 pull requests have been created by more than 800 code contributors. We have also achieved considerable progress on the backlog by processing more than 3,000 issues this year.


We would like to share the most active Magento Community participants of 2020.


Top Contributors 


We are immensely proud to announce our GitHub top contributors! We deeply appreciate the huge amount of work they did to make Magento better.



Lukasz Bajsarowicz

Lukasz submitted whopping 446 contributions directed to the Magento 2 coreDevDocs, MFTF, Inventory, Page Builder, and Adobe Stock Integration projects






Vitaliy.pngVitality Boyko

Vitality is totally involved in PHPStorm plugin development, submitting 81 contributions to this project.






Adarsh.jpegAdarsh Manickam
Focusing on PHPStorm plugin development, but participating across many projects, Adarsh submitted almost 100 contributions, including three new topics in the DevDocs project





Alex Taranovsky.pngAlex Taranovsky

Having more than 100 contributions to DevDocs and GraphQL alone, Alex also engaged with many other repositories (including three new topics in the DevDocs project)





Eduard Chitoraga.pngEduard Chitoraga 
Eduard was working on PHPStorm plugin, GraphQLDevDocs and other projects and submitted more than 50 contributions (including two new topics in the DevDocs project)





Shankar Konar.jpegShankar Konar

Shankar made significant contribution to Adobe Stock IntegrationPHPStorm pluginMagento 2 core and various other projects, proposing 85 improvements in total (including one new topic in the DevDocs project)





Oleh Usik.pngOleh Usik

Oleh submitted close to 150 improvements for GraphQL and Magento 2 core projects







Serhiy Zhovnir.pngSerhiy Zhovnir

Serhiy created 41 contributions to the DevDocsPHPStorm plugin, and Adobe Stock Integration projects (including nine new topics in the DevDocs project)





Andrii Beziazychnyi.pngAndrii Beziazychnyi

Andrii focused on DevDocs and Magento 2 core with around 50 improvements created while also participating to other projects development (including six new topics in the DevDocs project)





Oleksandr Kravchuk.jpegOleksandr Kravchuk

Oleksandr made a significant improvement to the Inventory project, creating 10 advanced and complex pull requests among other contributions (including two new topics in the DevDocs project)





Burlacu Vasilii.jpegBurlacu Vasilii

Vasilii contributed to the PHPStorm plugin, DevDocs, and Magento 2 core projects and submitted nearly 50 contributions






Alex Shkurko.pngAlexander Shkurko

Alexander’s 42 contributions advanced the Adobe Stock Integration and PHPStorm plugin projects







Chandru.jpegChandru Rajendran

Chandru has submitted close to 60 improvements to DevDocsincluding one new topic and three major updates







Sergiy.jpegSergiy Vsaiutynskyi

Sergiy improved the Magento framework by creating 23 contributions to the Magento 2 core project






Top Maintainers


On top of our top GitHub contributors, we particularly want to highlight our top Community Maintainers from 2020. 


Yaroslav.pngYaroslav Rogoza 
Yaroslav performed an outstanding 775 reviews for the DevDocs, Magento 2 core, and other projects ensuring high quality of contributions and accelerating the processing flow 





1873745.jpegIhor Sviziev

Ihor made an exceptional contribution to the complex Magento 2 core project, processing massive 505 contributions 







11693779.pngDmytro Cheshun 
Dmytro reviewed 291 contributions mostlfor the Magento 2 core and DevDocs projects 







1592991.jpegBarny Shergold 
Barny boosted DevDocs and Cloud projects development, processing 239 contributions 







1639941.jpegLukasz Bajsarowicz 
While focusing on Magento 2 core improvement, Lukasz also contributed to the DevDocs, MFTF, Inventory, Page Builder, and Adobe Stock Integration projects, processing 230 contributions in total. 





5318512.pngAlexander Shkurko
Alexander played a significant role in the Adobe Stock Integration and PHPStorm plugin projects, reviewing 132  






20116393.pngVitaliy Boyko 
In addition to contributions for the PHPStorm plugin, Vitaliy also reviewed close to 100 pull requests to this project 







15868188.pngEduard Chitoraga 
Eduard processed more than 100 pull requests, working on the PHPStorm plugin, GraphQLDevDocs, and other projects 






46617848.jpegPrakash B Prajapati 
Prakash has switched from contribution to quality maintainer activity and made a significant contribution on this track, accessing more than 305 issues 






9420807.jpegOleksandr Kravchuk 
Oleksandr made a significant improvement to the Inventory project, reviewing more than 50 contributions







Top Maintainers in Backlog Quality


We would like to highlight that Community Maintainers are not only involved in reviewing pull requests, but also contribute a lot to the quality of our backlogconfirming and verifying issue to get them ready for development. Huge shout out for the most active Maintainers on this track:


24711761.jpegAjij Shekh


Ajij has been consistently involved on the backlog processing track throughout the year and processed close to 100 issues 






58288685.jpegSwathish Surendran

Swathish helped a lot with processing the Magento backlog, processing 76 reports during the summer 







25526037.jpegShikha Mishra

Shikha managed to do a wonderful job, not only as a contributor but also as a quality maintainer, verifying 64 issues 







46617848.jpegPrakash B Prajapati 


Prakash has switched from contribution to quality maintainer activity and made a significant contribution on this track accessing more than 305 issues






50358141.jpegSudheer Singamsetti 


While helping process 60 issues in the Magento 2 core project backlog, Sudheer also participated in contribution activity






Solution Partners


Magento Contribution Partner teams continue to make an important and valuable impact on Magento projects development. Here is the top contributing Solution Partners in 2020: 


The Atwix team played a significant role in both contribution and maintainer activities. Atwix maintainers led the development of the PHPStorm plugin and GraphQL projects. A lot of improvements have also been contributed to DevDocs, including 20 new topics and 18 major updates. The team created 745 pull requests in total, 62 of which are complex and advanced.



2916141.pngBlue Acorn iCi 
The team delivered 415 improvements to the codebase while also actively taking part in pull request reviews.







The Vaimo team submitted 75 contributions and accelerated the contribution delivery process, reviewing 284 contributions. A lot of improvements have also been contributed to DevDocs, including three new topics and four major updates.




The EY team submitted 238 contributions, making significant improvements to the Magento 2 core project. A lot of improvements have also been contributed to DevDocs, including three new topics and five major updates.




The Ziffity team created almost 200 contributions and focused on the DevDocs project and quality maintainer activities. Improvements to the DevDocs project include two new topics and six major updates.


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Thank you!


Finally, we would like to say huge thank you to everybody participating in contribution activity! Thank you for your sound desire and effort to improve the framework we are using, sharing your knowledge and experience, and making our community so bright, funpositive, and cosy!