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Reduce Outages and Improve Site Health with Magento Managed Alerts

Adobe Team

The power of prevention is increasingly present in our everyday life, and it can now be applied to your Magento Commerce Cloud site. Most outages or latency issues are reportable within sophisticated tools like New Relic, which is where our team looks for clues whenever a Magento Commerce Cloud site is reporting issues. Over the years, we've seen some common themes and we're making it easier for Merchants to better prevent issues through our new Magento Managed Alerts.  


Magento Managed Alerts leverages the monitoring we already have with New Relic and adds warning and critical level thresholds that trigger alerts to the people and the notification channels of your choice. Each alert comes with a knowledge base article specific to the issue and threshold reached to help you resolve the issue as soon as possible. Once you sign up for alerts, you will automatically receive updates and new alert categories as we add them. Set up is quick and alerts can be sent to the people that can solve the problems. 


Alert Categories available as of January 2021 

  • Apdex Score (Site performance) 
  • Disk Space 
  • CPU Usage 
  • Memory Usage 
  • Redis Memory 
  • MariaDB 
  • Error Rates 



Is this only available to Magento Commerce Cloud merchants? 

Yes, this is only available for Magento Commerce on cloud sites with New Relic set up.   

Are these Alerts Available for Magento Commerce Cloud Starter merchants? 

Yes, but due to the multi-tenant architecture of Starter, only Apdex and Error Rate Alerts are available to Starter customers.  Pro merchants can leverage all alerts. 

Can I edit the thresholds set by Magento? 

While these alerts are editable, we ask you not to change the thresholds since your changes will be overwritten when we push an update to an alert or add a new alert.  If you would like a deviation of the alert and its thresholds, you can copy, edit, and save it as your own alert policy separate from Magento’s with your own notification channel in New Relic.  

I already have New Relic set up, why don’t I get notifications automatically? 

The Magento Managed Alerts are set up automatically with your New Relic account, but you will need to take action to create a notification channel in order to be alerted. Alert notifications are most effective when they are sent to people on your team with the knowledge and ability to resolve the issues.   New Relic has nine notification channel types to choose from including email, Slack, and Pager Duty. 


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