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Big improvements to OMS Docs

Adobe Team

Being informed about all the cool doc updates, helpful site improvements, and other added features is important for you to stay in-the-know about all things order management---and is essential for running a top-notch and efficient Order Management System (OMS) installation. 


Well, we have news for you, OMS friends. We have been toiling away to provide a few much-anticipated features that improve the OMS Docs site and help you run a well-oiled OMS machine. 


Release Notes


That’s rightwe now have release notes for the OMS Docs site. We update the Release Notes - OMS page monthly, along with our scheduled OMS development releases. The Release Notes – Connector page is updated as Connector releases are pushed out as well. Now, all the juicy release information (fixes and improvements, and new features) is in one place, for your happy perusal. 


What’s New on OMS Docs


You’ve seen the What’s New on DevDocs page, and now we have that informative changelog information, What’s New on OMS Docs, on the OMS Docs site too! Get the details about what’s changed in the documentation, quickly and succinctly, so you don’t miss important additions and revisions. 


And to make it even easier, we’ve implemented an RSS feed for the What’s New section. You don’t even have to navigate to the What’s New on OMS Docs page to get all the goods. Simply add it to your feed reader of choice and read it on-the-go. 



Feature List


The OMS is a richly-featured product, packed with all kinds of varied functionality. It can be difficult to keep up with all the awesome offerings. Get the big picture of what the OMS can do for you and your business with our new enumerative Feature list page. See feature descriptions, availability specifics, and more, in an easily navigable table format. 


Feedback Widget


We want the good, the bad, and the ugly... feedback, that is! We strive to improve our OMS documentation at every turn, and your feedback is extremely valuable in that endeavor. Now, we’ve made it super simple to drop us a note to tell us what you love, don’t love, and what you think needs improvement. Simply click the smiley face widget in the bottom right-hand corner of any OMS Docs page, rate your experience, and add any applicable details. 




Stay in touch! Say hello to the DevDocs team on Twitter at @magentodevdocs and via email at 


We will see your feedback, and if needed, we’ll get in touch with you (if you leave your contact info) to resolve the issue or thank you for your kind words. 

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