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Community Engineering Newsletter, February 25 – March 1, 2019

New Contributor

Get a quick update on all Community Engineering projects including completed and in-progress stories, features, and testing. Welcome new contributors joining your community projects. Check open requests and good first issues in the project boards.


If you missed a meeting or demo, want to join a specific project and contribute, or have questions, check the links to recordings, project boards, and more.


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Authorize.Net Direct Post MD5 Hash Deprecation and Update


Magento’s implementation of the Authorize.Net Direct Post payment method currently uses MD5 based hash for all M1 and M2 installations. As of mid March 2019, Authorize.Net will stop supporting MD5 based hash usage (announcement). This will result in Magento merchants not being able to process payments using Authorize.Net Direct Post. To avoid disruption and to continue processing payments, merchants need to apply a patch provided by Magento and add a Signature Key (SHA-512) in the Magento Admin configuration settings.




Project Board | GitHub | Slack |DevDocs | User Guide

Magento Coordinator: Igor Minialilo, Eugene Shakhsuvarov, and Igor Gorin


Meeting recordings:



Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator: Valeriy Nayda and Igor Gorin

2.3.2 Release:



PWA Studio

Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator: James Zetlen, Andrew Wilcox, and Igor Gorin



Asynchronous Import & Bulk API Project

Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs Bulk API & Async API

Community Project Maintainer: Alex Lyzun from comwrap

Magento Coordinator:  Volodymyr Kublytskiy and Igor Gorin


Meeting recording:


Adobe Experience Platform Launch

GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator:  Igor Gorin and Eugene Shakhsuvarov


Payment Improvements

Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator:  Volodymyr Kublytskiy and Igor Gorin

  • Refactor \Magento\Braintree\Model\Adapter\BraintreeAdapter class, #18


MFTF Conversion

GitHub | Project Board | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Alex Kolesnyk


Magento 2

Project Board | GitHub| Slack

  • 47 Pull Requests merged to core
  • 67 Pull Requests created
  • 74 new issues created
  • 67 closed issues


Magento Architecture

Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Olga Kopylova

Meeting Notes: February 28, 2019 #104


  • [Proposed] Eliminate GraphQL config elements instantiation on the fly, #108
  • [Proposed] Added proposal for components decoupling, #106
  • [Proposed] Document regarding controllers extending each other, #101
  • [Merged] Proposal for GraphQL API for cross-platform rich content, #26

Services Isolation:



Magento Coding Standards

GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Lena Orobei