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Community Engineering Newsletter, August 6 – 10, 2018

New Contributor

Community Engineering Newsletter, August 6 – 10, 2018

Get a quick update on all Community Engineering projects including completed and in-progress stories, features, and testing. Welcome new contributors joining your community projects. Check open requests and good first issues in the project boards.


If you missed a meeting or demo, want to contribute, or have questions, check the links to recordings, project boards, and more.


Check the Magento Community Engineering Google Calendar for all events:



Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Igor Minialilo




Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Valeriy Nayda

Meeting recordings:


Bulk API & Async Import Project

Project Board | Bulk API GitHub | Slack | Asynch GitHub

Community Project Maintainer: Alex Lyzun from comwrap


Meeting recordings:



Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Volodymyr Kublytskiy


Payment Improvements

Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator:  Volodymyr Kublytskiy


PWA Studio

Project Board | GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator:  Eric Erway and James Zetlen

  • Code review beginning with help from Community (assignments)
  • 6 new contributors joined since last week
  • Received key Venia feedback on two stories

Meeting recordings:


Magento 2

Project Board | GitHub| Slack


Magento Architecture

Project Board | GitHub | Slack

  • Discussed extensions versioning and Magento editions support (Open Source, Commerce, B2B) and determined next steps
  • Discussed Support saleoperation by Magento payment provider gateway: PR#9 by Viktor Tymchynskyi from Magento
  • Discussed extended configuration for Elasticsearch Analyzer: PR#17 by Volodymyr Kublytskyi from Magento


Meeting recording: