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Community Engineering Update – July 2018

Adobe Team

Magento Open Source - Statistics


During the month of July, we made the following progress on pull requests and issues:

Pull Requests

  • Processed: 900
  • Merged: 674
  • Rejected: 226
  • Created: 920
  • Accepted Rate: 75%
  • Contributors: 152
  • New Contributors: 38


  • Created: 249
  • Closed: 445
  • Fixed by the community: 29
  • Fixed by partners: 33


Our top 5 individual contributors in July were:


# Contributor Points Created Accepted
1 Vishal GelaniVishal Gelani 231 75 47
2 Pratik Oza Pratik Oza 147 110 54
3 Riccardo Tempesta - The Rick Riccardo Tempesta - The Rick 120 1 5
4 Prince Patel Prince Patel 119 65 39
5 Yaroslav Rogoza Yaroslav Rogoza 105 11 10


The top 5 partner contributors have been:


Team Name Contribution Points Created Accepted Contributing Members
Atwix 372 30 31 8
Wagento 223 85 70 8
MageSpecialist 125 1 6 1
ISM eCompany 105 16 12 3
Convert 80 0 4 1


And our top maintainers have been:


# Maintainer Processed Accepted Rejected
1 Vlad Veselov Vlad Veselov 97 63 34
2 Ihor Sviziev Ihor Sviziev 70 49 21
3 Oscar Recio Oscar Recio 20 15 5
4 Lyzun Oleksandr Lyzun Oleksandr 11 11 0
5 Miguel Balparda Miguel Balparda 17 10 7


All contributor stats are now available on the Magento Contributors website .


July’s Pull request highlights


In July, we processed and merged 674 pull requests across all our projects. For the main Magento 2 repository, we would like to highlight four pull requests that were merged in July.


  • The first 2 pull requests came from Sergey P and both help with migrating older admin grids across to the newer UI Components. These pull requests are great examples of using UI Components instead of admin grids.


  • The next pull request is from Freek Vandeursen. The change improves performance in stores with large attribute sets. A cache of attributes that should be skipped has been added and this means we do not repeatedly check attributes that we do not need to check.


  • The final pull request we would like to highlight comes from Arnoud Beekman. This pull request makes it possible to enable/disable cross-selling products on the shopping cart page.


Community Engineering Project Update


During the month of July we launched a weekly DevBlog article, written by Lori Krell, to keep you updated with everything going on in our projects. In addition to these weekly updates, we would also like to highlight some items from July.


Multi Source Inventory


During July, the grooming and kickoff took place for the final phase of the Magento MSI 2.3 release. This backlog consists of the top priority issues that will be covered before the launch. If you are interested in knowing more about this project as we head towards the launch then we recommend the article “The Definitive Guide to Magento MSI” by Door Erwin Otten This article covers the main features and also talks about when to use MSI in your project.


reCAPTCHA and Two-Factor Authentication


MageSpecialist contributed two extensions supporting Google reCaptcha and Two-Factor Authentication for the 2.1 and 2.2 release lines. We would like to thank Riccardo and his team for contributing these extensions back to the community




Artyom Kozinets from comwrap has been the first community member to provide a completed story to the PWA project by adding the category list component to the project We have also had 5 new contributors and 2 new solution partners (Wagento, Comwrap) join the project.


Async Import


In July we kicked off a new project focusing on moving the Magento import onto the Async API Framework. Alex Lyzun from Comwrap will be maintaining this project. For more information on this project please check out our project board


How to get involved


As always, if you are interested in finding out more about contributing to Magento, we recommend getting involved in the community engineering Slack channel (email requests to join to We also have a wide selection of projects currently running, and we have just started with phase 2 of the Bulk API, payment improvements and GraphQL projects. If you are interested in participating in one of these projects, take a look at the project overview page and let us know.