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Community Engineering Newsletter, May 6 – 10, 2019

New Contributor

Get a quick update on all Community Engineering projects including completed and in-progress stories, features, and testing. Welcome new contributors joining your community projects. Check open requests and good first issues in the project boards.


If you missed a meeting or demo, want to join a specific project and contribute, or have questions, check the links to recordings, project boards, and more.


Connect with Community Engineering

Community Portal | Google Calendar (iCal) | Slack

slack-logo.png Join us on Slack!

To connect with Magento and the Community, join us on the Magento Community Engineering Slack. Want to join, send a request at or self signup. For a list of channels, see this list.


Beginner’s Guide

Want to contribute to Magento, but need some help? We have a new Beginner’s Guide series!  Easy steps to learn Git, forks, branches, PRs, testing, etc in Magento Community Engineering. 



GitHub | Project Board | Slack |DevDocs | User Guide

Magento Coordinator: Igor Minialilo, Eugene Shakhsuvarov


Meeting recordings:



GitHub | Project Board | Backlog | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator:  Valeriy Nayda, Nishant Kepoor

Scope 2.3.3 has been started

  • Checkout:
    • Support of Configurable, Bundle, Grouped, Downloadable products
    • Braintree
    • Custom options during adding product to cart
    • Checkout Agreements
  • My Account:
    • Product Reviews
    • Wishlist
    • Compare list
    • Test coverage of existing functionality
  • Additional:
    • Related/up-sell/cross-sell products
    • technical improvements
    • requests from PWA track
    • bug-fixing
  • Tasks dashboard:
  • Tickets which are ready for development are located in `Ready For Development` and `Good First Issue`
  • PRs statuses:



PWA Studio

Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator: James Zetlen, Andrew Wilcox

  • 14 Issues created
  • 16 Issues closed
  • 21 PRs created
  • 17 PRs merged
  • Demo:
    • Prepping for Magento Imagine 2019!
    • Meet us for the Magento Labs, presentations, and much more!



Asynchronous Import & Bulk API Project

Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs Bulk API & Async API

Community Project Maintainer: Alex Lyzun from comwrap

Magento Coordinator:  Volodymyr Kublytskiy


Meeting recording:


Adobe Experience Platform Launch (AEP)

GitHub | Slack

Magento Coordinator: Eugene Shakhsuvarov


Localization and Translations

Japanese GitHub  | Slack Japanese 

GitHub | Project Board | Slack TranslationsMagento CrowdIn

Magento Coordinator: Volodymyr KublytskiyPiotr Kaminski

  • Top contributors:
  • For `i18n-*` repositories added integration with so now all translations from Crowdin will be delivered to master branch without delay
  • For `i18n-magento2` repository added integration with CircleCI to automate building and versioning language packages (integration is being tested now so small issues may happen, please report if detected)
  • All `language-*` repositories connected to Packagist (
  • For now, we do not link or sync related locales on Crowdin or during package creation. You can install both language packages on your system and create own language package that will be inherit from multiple locales as described in this DevDocs.
  • We welcome contributions. Add your translations to Magento CrowdIn per locale.
  • If you would like a new locale added, please let us know in the Slack channel.
  • We are considering a new day and time for meetings.



Cloud ece-tools

GitHub | Improvements | Slack | DevDocs



Project Board | GitHub | Slack | DevDocs

Magento Coordinator: Sheila Shrewsbury

2.4.0 Minor Release:

  • Changelog for 2.4.0
  • New Commands:
  • mftf static-checks – runs static analysis checks on MFTF test codebase
  • mftf generate:docs – generates available documentation types base on MFTF test codebase
  • Both commands can be run locally just like any other mftf command, with Jenkins implementation for `static-checks` planned for the near future.
  • MFTF version will be updated in 2.3-develop and 2.2-develop.
  • Alternatively, update your composer.json file to point to this release.
  • “magento/magento2-functional-testing-framework”: “2.4.0"


Magento 2

Community Backlog | GitHub| Slack


Magento Architecture

GitHub | Project Board | Architecture Slack | Services Isolation Slack

Magento Coordinator: Olga Kopylova

Meeting Notes: May 8, 2019 #153


  • [Closed] Discussion of static test rule removals for phtml files, #159
  • [Proposed] Removal of some static checks for phtml template files, #160
  • [Proposed] Storefront APIs, #158
  • [Proposed] Simplified composer project, #157
  • [Proposed] Update MFTF Versioning and BIC page, #156
  • [Proposed] Adobe Stock Integration, #155

Services Isolation:


Meeting recordings:


Magento Coding Standards

GitHub | Project | Slack | Project

Magento Coordinator: Lena Orobei

  • [Closed] JS, CSS, Less files checking, #94