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Community Prioritization Process – Update on the first batch of PRs

Adobe Team

We kicked off the Magento Open Source Community Prioritization Process last month. As part of this initiative, we have had community members use their influence to vote up certain pull requests they want to see incorporated into the Magento Open Source code base.  


Adobe then picked the first batch of these 10 most up voted PRs to work on. 




 community-picked-with -label.png



First, a big THANK YOU to all the community members who participated in the process by voting on the PRs and to all the maintainers who reviewed the PRs. Thank you for your time, energy, talent and most importantly for your commitment to the Magento Open Source code base. 


I am happy to share that we have completed work on these 3 PRs, and they are ready to be merged into the main line. These are waiting for their turn in the merge queue. 




Here is the status of the 10 PRs together. We should soon be able to get the ‘testing in progress’ PRs ready to be merged. For real time status of these PRs, please visit the community dashboard. 





 Screen Shot 2022-12-09 at 11.47.24 AM.png








Add regions for Ukraine  

Ready for Merge  


Improve error messaging when merged XML is invalid  

Ready for Merge 



Initialize authentication popup modal only when needed  

Ready for Merge 



Improve performance of indexer when many attribute options 


Closed since the changes from this PR got merged into mainline already  


Move rendering of swatches to server side 


Testing in progress 


Fix typo which trigger performance bug 


Testing in progress  


Set process title when running cron job 


Waiting on review from community maintainers  


Implement "SELECT...FOR UPDATE" For Some Sales Transactions 


Waiting on review from community maintainers 



Drop indexer changelog tables on mview unsubscribe 


Waiting on review from community maintainers 



compiled interceptors module 


Waiting on review from community maintainers 






As you can see from the table, we have 4 PRs that need help from the community. These are waiting to be reviewed by the Community Maintainers so that we can move forward with their testing and then merge them into the open source code base. 



Next Steps: 


  • Please continue to vote on pull requests and help us pick the most valued ones from the pool. Login into your GitHub account and vote with the thumbs up reaction. We are getting the next batch ready. If you have not voted already, hurry because voting ends today, December 9. There are still few hours left 😊. 


  • The Magento Association is recruiting a Community Council. This council will help recruit community maintainers, work with Adobe to identify PRs that should be prioritized and worked on and keep the integrity and architectural stability of the Magento open source code base intact. If this sounds interesting, email   magentoopensourcetf@magento  to express your interest.