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The community influence effect…it’s working!

Senior Member

I woke up this morning and wondered how the progress on community pull requests is going.  Yes, we implemented a process and asked the community to vote on the pull requests that they are most interested in merging, but now what?  We have to actually make progress on reviewing and merging these pull requests, right?


We have!  In less than a month after kicking this off in November, the community upvoted certain code changes, and Adobe took a snapshot of these to start working on.  I’m happy to say that we’ve made significant progress on almost half of those.  Here is the original list that we started working from.




Even more exciting than the last group of items we are tackling, is the how the next set is shaping up.


latest 3.png


I’m excited to see that the items with the most votes for the next set of work include items that have been recently added within the last 30 days!  This means that we are seeing newer issues that the community is upvoting to make it to the top of the list.  This is how we envisioned the process to work.  The community identifying issues and then using the power of voting to democratically bubble up the most pressing items to tackle.


Working with the Community Council and community maintainers, this voting from the community will guide us towards the next set of items to tackle.  As awesome as this is, we can make it better. How you ask?  By getting more of the community involved in voting for the most important pull requests.  If you haven’t reviewed the list, get involved.  If you know someone who hasn’t, get them involved.  Login and vote with the thumbs up reaction.  The next cutoff of items to replenish the backlog is this Friday, December 9.  Don’t wait!


In order to make this smoother and even more productive, the Magento Association is recruiting a Community Council.  This council will be a cross section of our community, that will help

  • Recruit community maintainers
  • Work with Adobe to identify PRs that should be prioritized and worked on
  • Keep the integrity and architectural stability of the Magento open source code base intact

If this sounds interesting, email

to express your interest and find out more.  This is a great way to really put your stamp on shaping what the open source code base will be in the future.


What about the progress we are making on the last set of pull requests?  We promised that we’d be more transparent and regular about progress we are making on the Magento Open Source codebase. Parul Sinha from the Adobe team will be providing an update for all of us later this week, so stay tuned for that.  I’ll follow up with my thoughts when that update is out.


Before the winter holidays, let’s all give back to the community by:

  • Signing up for the Community Council
  • Helping with code reviews for outstanding PRs
  • Voting for the items that matter the most to you

Let me know if you do all 3! I definitely need to know your name and extend a warm thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thanks for participating in the Magento Open Source community and I’m looking forward to seeing how the community influence continues to prioritize the future of the Magento Open Source codebase.