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Community Prioritization Process update

Senior Member

Remember when I talked about kicking off the Magento Open Source Community Prioritization Process?  The goals of this process were to make sure we were prioritizing the most important needs of the community and increase velocity of these changes into the code base.  We also wanted to create a transparent communication channel so we could all see the progress being made.




We announced this officially in September at Meet Magento New York.  We then kicked this off in October and asked the community to start voting for the most pressing pull requests.  As promised, the Adobe team has taken the community feedback through the voting process and kicked off prioritizing the highest ranking pull requests.




It’s so exciting to see people voting for the items that matter the most to them.  While we have had a good start to this, I’d like to see more of the community voting to bring the most important items to the top of the list.  Let us know which items you care about if you haven’t.  If you have already, then help spread the word to others.  Adobe will continue to merge and release according to the community sentiment.  So, if you want to see something in the Magento Open Source code base, login and vote with the thumbs up reaction.


While we’ve made progress on some of the PRs that were important to the community, this is a truly collaborative effort between all of us.  In that spirit, I’m also asking for the broader community to help with five PRs.  We need Community Maintainers to step up and review the PRs listed below so we can get them merged into the open source code base.




But wait, there’s more! In order to make this smoother and even more productive, the Magento Association is recruiting a Community Council.  This council will be a cross section of our community, that will help

  • Recruit community maintainers
  • Work with Adobe to identify PRs that should be prioritized and worked on
  • Keep the integrity and architectural stability of the Magento open source code base intact

If this sounds interesting, email to express your interest and find out more.  This is a great way to really put your stamp on shaping what the open source code base will be in the future.


I’m happy to see the traction we’ve already made.  This is what true collaboration looks like.  True collaboration between the community, the Magento Association, and Adobe in order to move the code base forward.  I’m looking forward to all the innovation from the community that Adobe merges into the code base.  Let’s make a difference for the merchant who turned a hobby into a business, or the entrepreneur who created a better life for her family by selling her products globally.  By working together, we continue to make these dreams, and more, a reality while powering economic prosperity around the world.