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Magento Association Board Meeting- November 10, 2022

Senior Member

Last Thursday marked the most recent Magento Association board meeting.  As always, we manage to pull everyone together across the globe for a fulfilling conversation of topics that always runs over the allotted time.  It shows how much energy and excitement there is with the new and old board members regarding implementing new things for the community.


I want to first thank SmartOSC for hosting our most recent Meet Magento event in Thailand.  If you were able to attend, I’d love to hear about it.  Drop me a note or tweet to tell me what you liked or what could have been better.  It’ll help us as a board make the events more valuable for the Magento Community.  During the board meeting, we finalized the next event, Meet Magento Florida, hosted by Rave Digital.  In February, fans of the Magento Community will meet up in Florida for an event full of mingling, education, and fun.  Start making your plans to attend!


I updated the board on the progress we’ve made on the Open Source Prioritization Process.  Since we announced this, we’ve had community members use their influence to vote up certain issues they want to see incorporated into the Magento Open Source code base.  This is going to be an ongoing process, so continue to vote up the pull requests that matter to you the most.  Also, if you want to be more involved, the Magento Association is recruiting a Community Council to help with oversight of the process, so reach out to if you want to find out more.


As part of this initiative, Adobe will provide a regular communication on progress, issues, and upcoming activities so as a community we can all see the wonderful changes happening to benefit the open source code base.


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States next week, I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to be at Adobe working with the community as we all collaborate to create opportunities for entrepreneurs and ecommerce businesses worldwide.  Let’s keep crushing it!  Stay tuned for my next update on prioritization model where I’ll mention the issues that we will initially kick off with.