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Contributing Partner badge in Magento Partners directory

New Contributor



We are always seeking new ways to recognize contributing Partners as a sign of gratitude for their dedication and willingness to improve Magento.


Starting August 2018, all top performing contributors will earn a "Contributor" badge on the Magento Partner Directory.


This initiative started with a proposal by Balance Internet Enterprise Solution Partner in early 2018. After review and consideration, we have created the Contributing Partner badge.  For July 2018, we reviewed all community contributions and significant contributions on Special projects to determine our first partners eligible for this badge. We expect to highlight additional partners once we review contributions tracked from July onward.


How Do Partners Earn the Badge?


We recognize Partners for their valuable contributions to Magento including core components and special projects. With this new program, we will award "Contributor" badges in the Partner Directory on a monthly basis. 


A great way to be eligible for the Contributor badge is to provide significant contributions to Magento 2 Open Source (500+ contribution points in total over 3 consecutive months), or contribute to Special projects (such as MSI, GraphQL, PWA, DevDocs, etc), or earn top contributor of the month, or earn top contributor of the Q3 2018.


We'll share detailed information on badge eligibility through the Partner Portal later in August 2018.


August 2018 Awarded Contributing Partners


We are glad to announce the badge initiative is live and our first Partners have received their "Contributor" badges in the Partner Directory.  



Partner Profile | @atwixcom

Atwix is our Top Performer of July 2018, scoring the most contribution points during the month.



Partner Profile | @techdivision

TechDivision awarded for kickstarting the MSI project and continuous participation in its architecture and development from the very beginning to the first pre-releases.



Partner Profile | @magespecialist

MageSpecialist awarded for contributing security features Two-Factor Authentication and ReCaptcha for v2.3 and features ports to v2.1 and v2.2 and active participation in the MSI project, bringing excellent architecture solutions to the project.



Partner Profile | @creatuity

Creatuity awarded for exceptional effort in development and release of Instant Purchase feature (see our DevBlog).



Partner Profile | @comwrap

Comwrap awarded for architecting and contribution of Bulk API/Asynchronous APIs feature, maintaining asynchronous import project, and continually contributing new features to strategically important projects – GraphQL and PWA Studio.



Partner Profile | @groupesmile

Smile awarded for timely contributing Elastic Search 5.x compatibility for Magento 2 before the end-of-life for ElasticSearch 2.


Balance Internet

Partner Profile | @balanceinternet

Balance Internet awarded for architecting Asynchronous APIs and contribution of the Swagger support for asynchronous APIs.


Thank you and happy coding!