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Partner Contribution Program News and Updates

Adobe Team

July is coming to an end, and we would like to share exciting news and updates on the Partner Contribution Rewards Program including the start of Core Architect Assistance project, updates for the Partner's Maintainers and Contributing Partner badge for the Partner Directory.


Core Architect Assistance


The top-performing contributing partner each month has access to Core Architect assistance. 

This recently introduced benefit allows the Partner's team to work with a Magento core architect for dedicated collaboration and communication on desired topics. The reward is aimed at boosting coding culture inside the team and gives the partner an expert's advice on any Magento architecture concepts, qualified code review of custom solutions, or a group code review with the engineering team.


Wagento was the first ever winner for this award for June 2018. We have already started working with the team to ensure the best possible experience for the Partner's engineers.


Based on the results of July 2018, we are happy to announce the next winner for this award  Atwix. The team has done a great job in July and is entitled to receive a core architect's assistance.


Additional Contribution Points to Maintainers


We believe that Partners' engineering teams have high expertise with the Magento codebase and architecture principles behind it. This knowledge and expertise is beneficial and valuable when contributing to the code, determining the future of the project, and reviewing incoming Pull Requests. 


Being a Maintainer is as important to development efforts as contributing code. Maintainers review and evaluate Pull Requests, which can take as much time and effort as investigating issues and developing solutions. Due to the level of work invested on these tasks, starting in August 2018, all Community Maintainers enrolled via the Partner Contribution Program will receive additional Contribution Points credited to the Partner contribution record. The calculation is expected to be straightforward and will be communicated with all totals.


Currently, 8 Solution Partners already have their representatives on the Community Maintainer's team and contribute as Maintainers on a daily basis:

Interested in joining the team? Drop us a line and we will guide you through the process.


Contributor Badge in the Partner Directory


We are always happy to receive ideas and propositions from Program participants. For example, Balance Internet proposed that we implement a "Contributing Partner" badge to the Partner Directory pages to highlight Magento core expertise and proficiency with the product. Badges are going to be applied to the most active contributors in the shortest term.


Join the Partner Contribution Rewards Program!


Every active Solution Partner that is willing to collaborate is eligible to join the Partner Contribution Rewards Program. When joining, you start receiving program benefits: recognition through Magento's official communication channels, Magento Activity Points, Core Architect assistance, Magento U rewards, and much more.

Please contact and we will help you with enrollment.