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Distributed Contribution Day - 24th March 2018

Adobe Team

What is it?


A Contribution Day is a hackathon-like event where we encourage the community to contribute to the Magento 2 Open Source product by opening pull requests and validating issues on GitHub. Normally these events are limited to one venue, but as Magento is a truly global community we have decided to run a multi-location contribution day spread around the globe.


How to get involved?


The first place to get involved is the distributed contribution day (#event-distributed-cd) Slack  channel on the EngCom Slack  workspace. For access to the Slack  channel,  send an email to and someone from the team will invite you.


There are also physical locations where you can participate around the world , so if you want to meet people while contributing you can look for a location near you.



We will also be live streaming throughout the day on our YouTube channel ( You can keep up to date with how the event is progressing.


How do I get involved 


As an attendee, there are many ways to get involved. You can assist with the Multi-source Inventory project ( m/magento-engcom/msi) or squash issues on the main project repository (




How will it work?


The event is scheduled for March 24, 2018 (CET). There will be a variety of touch points throughout the day to accommodate different time zones.


How do I select a task?


We have put together a GitHub project with a selection of issues  that are ready to be worked on, But feel free to take something from the issues list on GitHub that you would like to work on. Before selecting a task, make sure no one else is currently working on it. If no one else is working on it, leave a comment in the issue volunteering to work on it and assign it to yourself. If you do not have the permission to assign the issue, please use the hashtag #distributed-cd in your comment, for example “I’m working on it #distributed-cd”, and our system will send an invitation to our GitHub  organization. If you have any questions about a ticket, feel free to raise it in the Slack  channel and someone will try to help whenever possible.


What if I have never contributed before?


Before the event , we recommend that you have a local installation of Magento setup from a fork of the repository you plan to contribute to, tests running locally, and have looked through our guides on contribution and backwards compatible changes. Refer to the following documentation for more information:



What if I cannot reproduce the issue?


One of the goals of the event is to reduce the number of issues associated with the GitHub repository. If you cannot reproduce an issue, leave a comment using the #distributed-cd hashtag and close it. When commenting on an issue, it is important to provide test steps, screenshots, and details about the environment you used to reproduce the issue. Your comment can be formatted in the same format as the issue template ( For example:


"I am closing this issue as I could not reproduce the problem as part of #distributed-cd.


Environment: Magento 2.2-develop,

                           PHP 7.0

Steps: Log into admin,

            Add new product,

            Run indexer,

            Search for new product,"