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Partners Contribution Rewards Q1 2018 Rankings Announced

Adobe Team




The first quarter of the year is over, and it is time to calculate the results of the Q1 2018 Magento Partners Contribution Reward Program.


This is the third quarter since the program started, and by now 50 partners have joined the effort to collaborate on Magento 2 core, including 8 firms who signed up and started to submit various fixes and improvements in this quarter. The total number of merged code contributions in Q1 2018 is 156, most of which were focused on Magento Open Source and the Multi-Source Inventory special project. Participants have shown interest in fixing issues and improving overall coding standards.


The scoring criteria for pull requests remains the same:

  • Base 10 contribution points for an accepted Pull Request
  • +50 contribution points for the partner scoring maximum points during each month
  • +30 contribution points for an Advanced PR
  • +20 contribution points for a Complex PR
  • +20 contribution points for a Special Achievement
  • +10 contribution points for Test Coverage
  • +10 contribution points for updating Developer Documentation

We have done an in-depth code review of the Partner code contributions to multiple repositories, including Open Source, Commerce Editions, B2B, DevDocs and Special Projects: MSI, PHP 7.2 Support, Bulk API, and Import/Export Improvements, granting additional points to the most sophisticated solutions.


Please congratulate the top performers of the Q1 2018 Magento Partners Contribution Reward Program:


1st place: Atwix


Atwix is an agency delivering full-service solutions to businesses globally and also a Magento partner with certified developers and deep expertise in e-commerce. Atwix’s competitive advantage is having a deep understanding of clients’ needs and delivering top quality solutions.


The team has been working on the Multi-Source Inventory project for a long time, with 3 developers who regularly deliver quality solutions, which has helped speed up the final MSI release. In Q1 the following features were delivered:

  • Introduced an API to link Sources and Stocks, which helped to implement the Source Selection by Priority algorithm
  • Implemented the first Source Selection Algorithm, which is used to determine sources to fulfill the order
  • Added support for Inventory Low Stock Report per each Source
  • Introduced Quantity validation during checkout

Atwix took part in hosting the first Distributed Contribution Day on March 26th from their offices in Bratislava, Slovakia and Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine.


Also, we would like to welcome Yaroslav Rogoza to the Community Maintainers Team. He joined in January and already provided reviews for multiple Pull Requests in the Magento Open Source and MSI projects.


Total number of contribution points scored: 580

First place entitles them to receive 5 Magento Activity Points!


2nd place: Comwrap


Comwrap is one of the leading integrators for e-commerce, content management and PIM systems in the open source environment. The company develops scalable and secure solutions for business-critical applications for international companies. With headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and branches in Zurich and Osijek, Comwrap is responsible for the operation of numerous internet, intranet, and mobile applications.


This quarter, the team focused heavily on the Bulk API open-source project. Comwrap has done extensive background work gathering requirements and actively participated in the design of asynchronous APIs, RabbitMQ integration, and Bulk API status endpoints. As a result, the team introduced the asynchronous Web API module and continue working on additional features.


On top of that, the Comwrap team took part in moving the Magento Message Queue and Rabbit MQ integration framework from Magento Commerce to Magento Open Source during the Contribution Day in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


As a nice bonus, all seven accepted Pull Requests related to Bulk API targeted version 2.3 and may be available with the next major release.


Total number of contribution points scored: 280

Second place entitles them to receive 4 Magento Activity Points!


3rd Place: Interactiv4


Interactiv4 is a full-service digital agency that has been developing eCommerce projects for over 10 years. Interactiv4 offers a suite of services, including Magento design and development, custom integrations, marketing and content strategy, CRM training, and technical maintenance.


Nineteen Pull Requests submitted by Interactiv4 were delivered to the core this quarter, mostly targeting Magento Open Source and also including 2 DevDocs updates. The team focused on bug fixing and Maintainer responsibilities. Two solutions, one improving the sitemap feature, and the other dedicated to time zones handling, were considered "Complex" and awarded additional Contribution Points.


Interactiv4 actively participated in the Distributed Contribution Day in March, inviting other participants to their location in Madrid. Oscar Recio did a wonderful job providing Code Reviews and helpful tips during the event.


Total number of contribution points scored: 270

Third place entitles them to receive 3 Magento Activity Points!


Active Members


  • Vaimo proposed 23 Pull Requests with 19 already merged. Team mainly focused on improving general code quality and provided two highly-anticipated fixes for existing issues.
  • Wagento has submitted 11 Pull Requests that were accepted this quarter, and helped many more individual developers to start contributing during the Contribution Day at Meet Magento India 2018.
  • TechDivision continues to focus all their efforts on the Multi-Source Inventory special project for the 3rd quarter in a row. They have submitted 11 Pull Requests, 8 of which are already merged.
  • Reach Digital had 15 submissions merged targeting multiple supported versions at once. Additional Contribution Points were awarded to the team for providing automated tests ensuring high quality in the future.
  • Something Digital is actively collaborating on Magento Open Source and PHP 7.2 Support projects. They submitted 17 Pull Requests this quarter including 9 that have already been merged.
  • Balance Internet submitted a Bulk API proposal and participated in the design of the feature. The team covered the Swagger implementation for the Asynchronous Web API and continues to participate in the project. Additionally, they participated in Contribution Day in Kharkiv, Ukraine where took part in moving Message Queue support to the Magento Open Source.


Next Quarter


The upcoming quarter brings more opportunities for teams participating in the Partners Contribution Reward Program:


  • An additional scoring criterion will be introduced and counted towards сontribution points: Maintainer Activity. The most active members of different Partner companies have already joined the Community Maintainers team to help review and deliver incoming Pull Requests.
  • Additional points were already assigned to Pull Requests which contain functional tests built with MFTF. On top of that, we are now starting to track and award submissions targeting the Magento Functional Testing Framework repository as well.


We would like to remind all program participants, and anyone willing to join in the future, that magento-partners github organization and all associated private repositories now require members to enable Two-Factor Authentication. You can learn more information in this DevBlog post.


Thank you all for the contribution and keep doing the amazing job of supporting the Magento Open Source spirit.