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How Extension Developers Can Prepare for M1 End of Life.

Adobe Team

As we get closer to M1 End of Life (EOL) on June 30, 2020, we’d like to give our extension developers and Tech Partners some extension specific information to prepare for the changes.  

M1 EOL Timeline for Magento Marketplace and Developer Portal

  • June 4, 2020 – Notifications on and will go up reminding all users of upcoming deadlines for M1 EOL.
  • June 17, 2020 – Developer Portal will stop accepting and publishing M1 extensions.
  • June 30, 2020 – Official M1 End of Life date.
  • July 7, 2020 – Removal of all M1 extension listings from Extension will be available on until 8/6/2020.
  • August 6, 2020 – Removal of M1 extensions from


What M1 EOL means for merchants and developers.

  • No quality fixes or security patches provided by Adobe for M1 after EOL.
  • M1 downloads will not be available.
  • M1 extensions will be removed from the Magento Marketplace store and M1 version selections will be removed from the store search.
  • M1 extensions will be removed from our Repository (
  • M1 documentation will be removed from Magento Documentation sites.


What Extension Developers can do now to prepare for M1 Extension removal.

  • Communicate with their users that M1 EOL is approaching and M1 extensions will no longer be available on Magento’s Marketplace and Repository.
  • Prepare for extension removal from the Marketplace store.
  • If you plan to support M1 clients and M1 extensions, make plans to host and sell the extensions outside of Magento’s Marketplace.
  • Sample communication to use with our customers:
    • “Magento 1 will reach end of life on 6/30/2020. This M1 extension will be removed from the Magento Marketplace store on 7/7/2020.  If you plan to keep this extension, we recommend that you download it as it will not be available in the Magento Repository after 8/6/2020.”


For more information about our software End of Life policies and dates, please see our documentation , policy page, and FAQ.    As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Marketplace Support for any additional questions.



M1 Certified

Just a question about this:


  • M1 documentation will be removed from Magento Documentation sites.


Ok Adobe, you want to delete Magento1 from the globe but please do not remove the history of the project.

It's unfair...

Mukesh Tiwari

@giuseppemorelli you should be able to access it here magento / devdocs-m1 

Adobe Team

@giuseppemorelli@Mukesh Tiwari  is correct, the M1 documentation will not be available on, but it will not gone forever.  We will still have everything in github


Occasional Contributor

Why are you removing Magento 1 downloads?


Will they also still be available from github? 




Adobe Team

@DavidB  We are remving M1 from the downloads page because it is reaching end of life.  You can refer to for more information on the EOL policies and effects. 


We will will not have M1 on GitHub.  The Magento Association this list of resoures to help merchants who plan to stay with M1

Occasional Contributor

That makes no sense whatsoever.


The download archive currently contains Magento 1.1 which must now be around 10 years past it's EOL.


Just because it's at its EOL doesn't mean you need to actively take steps to destroy all access to it. You have never done so in the past. Why start now? 


M1 Certified

Will the M1 CE/EE security patches sill be available after 7/7 ?

Senior Member

Everyone that wants to stay on M1, there is already a long term support project spun up in GitHub, you can find it here:

They are taking bug fixes and pull requests, so let's keep this going!



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Magento 1 in your mind, might have reached the end of it's life, but my website works fine. Why should I have to pay to re-develop my website all again!!!!!!!!! I can't believe you have removed all the magento one extensions. These worked perfectly and I need another extension for my website!

Regular Visitor

@mharronadoYou mention that M1 extensions will be deleted from on August 6th.


How can developers access the M1 extensions on the repo before that happens?


I would like to ensure I have the latest version of some extensions before they are removed completely, but I don't have Magento 1 access keys in my Magento Marketplace account and I can't find instructions anywhere on how to access M1 extensions on the repo anyway.


Please can you provide instructions?

Adobe Team

@alwig Is still causing you issues?  If so, please contact support through for help troubleshooting.

Adobe Team

@preveo Magento needs to focus its resources on a single version of Magento in order to ensure quality and security.   Please see our FAQ's for help with the transistion to M2 and leverage the Magento Association if you need continued support for M1.

Adobe Team

@astleyclarke, please submit a ticket to for help with access keys in your marketplace account. 

naeem akhter_dh
Senior Member

I have one issue the cron is not working of your Extension Google Shopping Feed.

how to solve this error?

My Magento1 cron is properly working.