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Let's keep making Magento Open Source better in 2023

Senior Member

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and ending to 2022.  I definitely took some time to rest and recharge, and am back excited about continuing to work with the community and deliver value for entrepreneurs and businesses with Magento Open Source.


I’m looking forward to building on the momentum with which we ended the year.  Since the second half of 2022, we made a commitment towards increasing the velocity of PRs into the code base, we established a prioritization model where the community could influence the direction of the Magento Open Source code base, and Adobe wanted to be more involved with the Magento Association to better understand the needs of the community.  I’m happy to say that we with everyone’s support and hard work, we were able to meet all of these objectives in 2022. 


For 2023, we need to continue the momentum we have in these areas, while finding more ways to make the Magento Open Source code base the right solution for small businesses and ecommerce enthusiasts globally.  I want to reach out to more of the community, both merchants and developers, to rejuvenate the code base and create positive energy around Magento Open Source that can create a substantial impact on driving growth and opportunity for ecommerce businesses.


As part of those lofty goals, I’m glad to see we continue to make progress on the velocity in our PR prioritization.  We’ve merged some PRs that the community voted on late last year. It’s awesome to see the progress the team made in getting these merged, and the help the community provided in prioritizing, reviewing, and testing these PRs.  Here’s the list of the merged PRs:

 In addition, we’ve taken a new set of PRs to continue to add into the code base that were popular in the community.


december batch.png


Adobe is looking to kick off another sprint.  I urge all of you to vote for the items that you think

are the most beneficial by Friday January 27 so that we can continue to add more goodness into the Magento Open Source code base.  Go to and login.  You’ll see a board of all the pull request available to be merged.  Upvote the ones you want by hitting the thumbs up reaction.  It’s as simple as that!


We are all witnessing changes in the economic climate, and some level of uncertainty as 2023 unfolds.  In times of change and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for us to come together as a group.  Adobe continues to stay committed to the Magento Open Source code base, but we still need help in code contributions and code maintainers to drive more value.  While Adobe will continue to perform QA, merge, and release functions, we need the expertise of the community to make the Magento Open Source code base better.   By working together, we will continue to power economic prosperity around the world.


As always, as I continue my learning journey of the Open Source community, I’d love to get feedback and connect with folks in the community.  Feel free to reach out via email at or if you’re attending Meet Magento Florida in February, I’d love to meet in person.  Thank you to the broader community for the time and energy you invest in Magento Open Source to make it one of the most widely used ecommerce options for small businesses worldwide.  I’m looking forward to seeing what exciting things we can all do together in 2023!