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Magento Developer Community Update - February 2021

Ben Marks
Certification Board Member

February 2021 Magento Developer Community Update

Welcome to the February 2021 Magento Developer Community Update. Each month we bring you up to speed with what's been happening with Magento and its community as well as upcoming events, hangouts, releases, and more.


Magento 2.4.2 GA - 9 February

In mid-December we shipped Magento Commerce 2.4.2-beta to partners participating in our beta release program. This program provides the earliest access to upcoming releases, giving partners an extended timeframe to test releases in their development & deployment pipelines. We would like to see participation in this program continue to expand - if you're a partner and would like to know more, please send an email to


2.4.2 beta documentation is available here.


Upcoming Events

Meet Magento India - February 4 (online)

Kicking off Magento Association's Meet Magento 2021 event series is Meet Magento India 2021, hosted online by Wagento. The event takes place on February 4, 9:00-15:00 IST (GMT+5:30).


Adobe Developers Live: AEM - February 8-9 (online)

This two-day conference features important Adobe Experience Manager developer updates, such as Headless and GraphQL, Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, technical sessions, and community networking opportunities. The event runs from Feb 8, 11:15-16:30 and Feb 9, 11:15-12:45 EST (GMT-5). Learn more & register here.


Upcoming Hangouts

We are planning to host two hangouts in February/early March: one on performance measurements & optimization and one on the extended API coverage coming in Magento 2.5. We'll post the details & registration info for these on our Twitter feed @MagentoEngCom.



Magento DevBlog Recent Highlights

PHP 8 compatibility

In December we announced our PHP 8 Compatibility Community Project. The goal of this project is to work with our community to add PHP 8 support to future Magento releases. Today we published an update further explaining our philosophy on stack updates.


Split database deprecation

In December we also discussed the upcoming deprecation of Split Database functionality in Magento Commerce. There was quite a lot of community interest in this topic. You can read more about it here.


Reducing TCO via expanded API coverage

Kicking off this year was an article from Alex Paliarush on expanding API coverage in the Magento core. In Magento 2.5 we will be marking 1000+ classes and interfaces with @api to make them reliable extension points for local and third-party extension, thereby reducing TCO.


2020 Top Contributors

Rounding out January's DevBlog articles is a review of community contribution during 2020. Take a moment to learn about your fellow community members who help us all year long to evolve the platform we know and love.


Coming up this month on DevBlog

Expect to see updates on cloud native features coming to Magento as well as other updates.


If you would like to see us cover a topic on the DevBlog, please send your suggestion to



Magento Association Updates

MA are currently running an education needs survey which will be used to develop new educational offerings.


The Magento Association has posted a few new articles on their blog Commerce CO-OP, including the first Italian post. If you have any topics you would like to see covered, or if you would like to become a contributor, reach out to


The Magento Association is an independent nonprofit dedicated to fostering and supporting technology projects, community events, training and education, and online collaboration. Membership is free, and you can join here.