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Magento User Guides are now open source!

Adobe Team

If you are familiar with our DevDocs open source contribution model, you now have even more opportunities to contribute valuable information and changes to Magento documentation and add to your contribution point totals. And if you aren’t, now is a great time to jump onboard! 


All of the source files for the Magento Admin 2.3 user guides are now accessible in a public repository at: 


It is super easy to contributenon-developers don’t need to set up build environments or learn any complicated file structures. The source content pages are in simple markdown and you can quickly open a file directly in the GitHub UI and start typing! 


To contribute to our merchant docs you need a basic GitHub user account, which is free for everyone. Our wiki provides you the information you need to get started as a contributor! 

Easy cloud-based contribution

If you load a page and find content that you want to edit, or perhaps add some additional information that would be helpful to the Magento user community, click the Edit this page on GitHub link and go directly to the source file. 




This opens the GitHub editor, where you can make your changes. 



 When you are done, add a summary and description of the changes you made and click Commit changes 




This generates a pull request (PR) for the Magento Doc Team and Maintainers to review and process for publication.  

Local working copy contribution

If you prefer to work locally across multiple files, you can clone (or fork) the repository to your local system and make changes in a standard text editor, such as Atom or Sublime. 


Non-developers can also use the Git Desktop client to clone, branch, commit, and push changesno command line required! Use your own branch to make your changes locally and then push the branch to GitHub when you are ready to create a PR.  


Whatever work style is a best fit for you, consult our wiki for more information about process and guidelines for content and contribution! 


Contact the Magento Docs Team

As always, we welcome your feedback and comments. Get in touch with us on Twitter @MagentoDevDocs  in the Magento Community Engineering #merchdocs channel. Need an invite? Join our community Slack. You can also contact us via email.