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Polishing your Marketplace submission: 7 tips from the Marketplace EQP team

Adobe Team

The Magento Marketplace Team strives to enable you, the developer, to create Marketplace extension submissions (via Developer Portal) that pass the EQP submission review on the first attempt.


To help everyone address the most common reasons for delays and failures, we have analyzed the typical issues encountered over thousands of reviews from this year alone. The takeaway was that roughly 50% of rejected submissions fall under several broad categories of issues, which can be easily avoided.


As a result, here is a 7-point checklist we came up with to help your extension pass our review:


1) Provide a comprehensive description

Explain briefly what the key features of your extension are and the value it provides to Marketplace users. Make sure you don't miss any major features in your descriptions.

Not only does this help us with testing, it will be very helpful for Marketplace users when evaluating your extension for their needs.


2) Add extension-specific information to accompanying guides

Extension-specific and helpful information, such as deployment or installation instructions or hints and tips that describe how to configure and use an extension correctly will help the reviewers as well as the users.

Absence of this information can confuse the testing team during extension installation and testing, and can cause your extension to fail review.


3) Keep user guides up-to-date

Make sure user documentation reflects the actual state of the product.

In many cases, developers do not update instructions or screenshots to reflect the latest UI or workflows, or eliminate descriptions of features that have been removed.

Those situations lead to failures and disputes which will delay your time-to-market and require the Marketplace Support team to get involved and learn what went wrong. As a result, everyone will spend unnecessary time, including the developer.


4) Remove links that promote other stores

We do not allow links or promotions for users to purchase extensions on stores other than the Magento Marketplace.

Please remove links that lead to extension stores outside the Magento Marketplace.

Links to “Blog/Contact/Support/About Us” pages are acceptable.


5) Update extension compatibility before submission

Please double-check extension compatibility with the Magento platform and PHP versions.

The extension will be tested with all Magento versions and with all PHP versions declared in the submission.

The extension must support at least all PHP versions supported by the targeted Magento versions.


6) Add extension screenshots

Please add screenshots! Visual representations of the intended extension behavior is a helpful addition to user guides, and it speeds up installation, configuration, and validation of your extension.

Please include admin and store front areas of the store, as applicable.

If you have a demo server with this extension installed, you should link to it as well.


7) Update extension release notes

Please add release notes about work that was done since the previous submission.

Good change logs help us and merchants understand what’s new and which areas have not been affected.


Following these recommendations will help you get your products posted on the Magento Marketplace faster and allow us to serve you better.


Thank you for being a part of the Magento Community!



Please reach out to us via one of the following methods if you have any questions or feedback:

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