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Magento Marketplace and Extension Quality Program Updates

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In this exciting edition of “What’s happening with Magento Marketplace and the Extension Quality Program?” we will talk about end of support life for 2.2 CE, shared package compatibility selection and Page Builder compatibility enhancements


End of Support life for Magento 2.2 Open Source (CE)

Following the end of support life for Magento 2.2 Open Source (CE) on 9/30/19, we will be removing this option from the technical submission page on 10/3/19


Shared Package Magento Compatibility

To be consistent with extensions and themes, we will start requiring all shared package submissions to include a Magento compatibility selection.  Currently, the option is available but not required.  As of 10/24/19, this will become a requirement for all new shared package submissions.


Page Builder Compatibility Enhancements

We released the ability for developers to select if their submission supports page builder earlier this month and now we're working to expand upon that by providing additional options during submission.  As of 10/24/19, you’ll be prompted to select one, two or all three of the following Page Builder options:

  • New Content Type
  • Extends Content Type
  • Uses Page Builder for content creation


Once the submission has passed all reviews, the Page Builder compatibility section on the product details page will display the option(s) selected during submission.  This will provide potential customers a better understanding of how your extension works with Page Builder.


In conjunction with this expanded offering, any Magento Commerce using on-Prem (EE) and Commerce (ECE) submissions compatible with 2.3 that do NOT select one of the above options will be tested to confirm it does not break Page Builder as of 10/24/19.

We encourage you to add the following test to your pre-submission testing to ensure a smooth review:

  1. Create page with Page Builder
  2. Add an element
  3. Save page
  4. Open page on store front
  5. Verify nothing breaks



As always, please reach out to us via one of the following methods if you have any questions or feedback:

@MagentoMP on Twitter

#marketplace on Magento Community Engineering Slack

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