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Partners Contribution Rewards Q4 Rankings Announced

Adobe Team

The 2017 year is almost over, and it's time to look back and assess the results of the Q4 Magento Partners Contribution Reward Program.


In the second quarter of the program, 15 new solution partners joined, 419 pull requests were created, and 282 were accepted. 95 pull requests are being processed now. Partners focused their efforts on bug fixes and new features in Magento Open Source, contributions to the Multi-Source Inventory project, and Magento Commerce.




Half of accepted pull requests to Magento Open Source were delivered by partners.


The scoring criteria for pull requests remains the same:

  • 10 contribution points for an accepted PR
  • 50 contribution points for the partner who delivered most PRs within a month
  • 20 contribution points for a Complex PR
  • 30 contribution points for an Advanced PR
  • 20 contribution points for a Special Achievement

To encourage test coverage, starting this quarter, we’re introducing a new scoring rule:

  • 10 contribution points for Test Coverage


This quarter shows the increase in the quality and complexity of partners’ pull requests. These factors had a decisive influence on partner standings. Here are the Q4 leaders.


1st place: Interactiv4


Interactiv4 is a full-service digital agency that has been developing eCommerce projects for over 10 years. Interactiv4 offers a suite of services, including Magento design and development, custom integrations, marketing and content strategy, CRM training, and technical maintenance.


Interactiv4’s contributions concentrated on bug fixes and improving Magento Open Source. They created 181 pull requests. 118 were accepted, 12 of which were complex. In addition, 5 were marked as special achievement.


The scope of their PRs were pretty wide. They delivered bug fixes in store view management, rendering layouts, order management, CMS, and many other functional areas. Interactiv4 improved the implementation of the cron:install and cron:remove CLI commands. These commands now allow you to manage cron jobs for multiple Magento instances on the same server. The setup:rollback CLI command was updated to provide the ability to preserve backup files after rollback. The Interactiv4 team showed high development culture and delivered code with good test coverage, refactored legacy code, and carefully backported changes to all actual Magento versions.


On top of all this, Interactiv4 organized the fantastic Meet Magento Spain 2017. This event featured a very productive Contribution Weekend, during which 17 pull requests were created.


Total number of contribution points scored: 1890

First place entitles them to receive 5 Magento Activity Points!


2nd place: TechDivision


TechDivision takes 2nd place for the second quarter in a row.


Established in 1997, TechDivision is an innovative online company supporting numerous national and international customers in implementing their web projects. Alongside the development of open source-based technologies, TechDivision works closely with their integrated online marketing agency, TechDivision eConsulting, to offer additional services on all matters relating to performance marketing such as SEO/SEA, usability, and conversion rate optimization, web tracking, social media, and more.


TechDivison put a lot of effort into the Multi-Source Inventory project and fixed several bugs in Magento Open Source. TechDivision contributions this quarter resulted in 24 created and 17 accepted (including 7 complex and 4 advanced) pull requests. 14 pull requests were recognized as special achievement.


TechDivision developed functionality for inventory data import and export separate from product data. This enables merchants to set up more efficient synchronization of products with their PIM system and inventory data with their ERP.


Another fundamental improvement TechDivision implemented is Multi-Dimensional Indexes, which provide more performant and less memory-consuming indexation for scoped data. It provides the possibility of horizontal scalability for multi-stock merchants. Once this feature is released with Multi-Source Inventory in Magento, it will be highly beneficial for multi-store and multi-website installations.


Being passionate about MSI, TechDivision held a Contribution Week during which 12 highly valuable pull requests were created and accepted.


Total number of contribution points scored: 790

Second place entitles them to receive 4 Magento Activity Points!


3rd place: Bold Brand Commerce


Bold Brand Commerce is a team of experienced consultants and engineers, specializing in consulting and implementation of leading open-source technologies, such as Magento Commerce. Bold Brand Commerce activities are focused on developing business solutions for B2C and B2B companies and helping them to migrate from traditional sales models to the omnichannel model.


Bold Brand Commerce devoted the quarter to the Multi-Source Inventory project. They produced 15 pull requests (3 complex and 2 advanced). All of them contain high-quality code and integrate main MSI concepts into existing Magento functionality. That’s why 14 pull requests got the special achievement label.


Bold engineer Bartłomiej Szymański, integrated MSI into the Magento Checkout process without any breaking changes in the code or behavior. Existing Catalog Inventory functionality was consolidated with new MSI interfaces so both features may be used simultaneously without conflicting with each other.


Implemented default source and stock features in MSI allows merchants to transparently migrate from a single stock configuration to a multi-source inventory. Thanks to the solution developed by the Bold Brand team, nothing will be changed for merchants who would like to continue using the single stock configuration, and no additional complexity will be introduced by Multi-Source Inventory.


Total number of contribution points scored: 610

Third place entitles them to receive 3 Magento Activity Points!


Active Members


While Interactiv4 was the indisputable leader this quarter, the fight for the 2nd and 3rd place intrigued to the last moment.


Something Digital created 22 PRs, 20 of which were accepted (8 complex and 4 special achievement). Their 490 contribution points take 4th place. Special attention is warranted for their contributions to Magento Commerce and bug fixes in the flat catalog indexer.


Atwix organized a Contribution Day, resulting in 16 pull requests to the Multi-Source Inventory project. In total Atwix opened 22 pull requests. 16 of them were accepted (2 complex, 1 advanced, 10 special achievements) that resulted in 450 contribution points.


Experius, who was ranked 3rd in the previous quarter, continued to deliver bug fixes to Magento Open Source. With 45 opened and 36 accepted (2 complex) pull requests, this partner scored410 points.


Ampersand, H&O, MageSpecialist and Smile also delivered a significant number of bug fixes and improvements to Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce. They earned more than 100 contribution points each.


Next Quarter


The Magento Partners Contribution Reward Program is evolving, and we are introducing new labels that will allow you to earn extra points for pull requests:

  • 10 contribution points if pull requests deliver functional tests based on the recently released Magento Functional Testing Framework (marked with the mftf label).
  • 10 contribution points for documenting introduced changes (marked with the devdocs label). If a pull request changes or introduces a new API or behavior, it is highly recommended to describe them in Magento Developer Documentation and create another pull request in the magento/devdocs repository. To link a pull request with documentation, place a reference to it in the main pull request with the changed code in the format magento/devdocs#<pull request number>.


Extra contribution points have been introduced to encourage community developers to submit contributions that meet our definition of done:

  • Implementation follows Magento Technical Guidelines and Backward Compatibility Development.
  • All changes are covered with automated tests. Unit or integration tests should be used to verify components and functional API or functional tests should be used to verify product behavior.
  • All changes of product behavior and API are documented.


These changes will allow partners making high-quality contributions to earn more points and keep Magento quality and documentation at a high level. For example:

  • If a partner fixes an issue and creates a pull request with only the code fixes, it is scored with 10 contribution points after merge
  • if a partner follows recommendations and covers changes with integration tests, functional tests, and document changes, it earns 50 contribution points (10 points for the pull request, 10 points for test coverage, 10 points for functional tests based on the Magento Functional Tests Framework, 10 points for the pull request to the Developers Documentation repository, and 10 points for documenting introduced changes).